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One-On-One Nutritional Counseling

Do you stress over what to eat or not to eat? Do you have food allergies or intolerances? Are you sick of feeling like food is making you sick?

Seaside Nutrition is here to help! Food, nutrition and healthy eating can be complicated. But, Seaside Nutrition is here to break down the facts and provide you with sound, research-based nutrition therapy to get you on the road to feeling better and living your best life!

We will work together to explore your unique nutrition goals and develop a plan for success. Whether your goals are short-term or long-term, Seaside Nutrition is focused on helping you become the healthiest version of yourself.

Our initial session will include a comprehensive nutritional assessment, medical and weight history, delicious meal plan, and client-focused goals along with continued support after our appointment. Initial session is ~60-90 minutes and follow up is ~45 minutes.

Virtual Nutrition Coaching

Using HIPAA compliant software to protect your privacy, we will meet using a virtual platform similar to Skype. This is perfect for clients who are extra busy, traveling, cannot make traditional appointment times, or just want to talk from the comfort of their own home.

Menu and Meal Planning

Do you struggle to come up with healthy meals for yourself or your family? Are you looking for dietitian approved menus or meal plans? Look no further! We will create custom menu and meal plans to fit your dietary preferences and restrictions.

Corporate Wellness

Are you looking to optimize your companies performance? Productivity and performance are tied to employees overall nutritional wellness. Let’s partner together to help your employees stay fueled up and engaged throughout the day!

Grocery Store Tours

Does the grocery store overwhelm you? Are you trying to follow a specific diet and don’t know what to buy? Are you just looking for healthy options but the media and endless options at the grocery store seem to complicate a grocery store trip? Help is on theway! Meet with your registered dietitian and nutrition coach at your grocery store to guide you down the aisle to healthy eating.

Group Presentations

Are you looking for an engaging speaker to educate a group on a particular nutrition topic? If so, please give us a call for more details.

Menu Analysis

As a restaurant owner it can be challenging to keep up with the latest foods trends and diets that consumers are vying for. At Seaside Nutrition, have your menu reviewed and approved by a registered dietitian nutritionist for nutritional adequacy or for specific concerns including: gluten-free, dairy-free, lower calorie, weight loss, low carb, Paleo, etc...

Recipe Modification

We can take your favorite recipe and modify it to accommodate dietary restrictions, food allergies/intolerances or make it vegan, vegetarian, lower in calories, fat, or sodium.

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